1 Pound Coffee Dried Fruit Goods Meat Grains Storage Bag 500g Air Stand Heat Back Four Side Foil Open Top Valve Side Gusset Seal in Storage Bags from Home Garden

1 Pound Coffee Dried Fruit Goods Meat Grains Storage Bag 500g Air Stand Heat Back Four Side Foil Open Top Valve Side Gusset Seal in Storage Bags from Home Garden
1 Pound Coffee Dried Fruit Goods Meat Grains Storage Bag 500g Air Stand Heat Back Four Side Foil Open Top Valve Side Gusset Seal in Storage Bags from Home Garden
1 Pound Coffee Dried Fruit Goods Meat Grains Storage Bag 500g Air Stand Heat Back Four Side Foil Open Top Valve Side Gusset Seal in Storage Bags from Home Garden
1 Pound Coffee Dried Fruit Goods Meat Grains Storage Bag 500g Air Stand Heat Back Four Side Foil Open Top Valve Side Gusset Seal in Storage Bags from Home Garden
1 Pound Coffee Dried Fruit Goods Meat Grains Storage Bag 500g Air Stand Heat Back Four Side Foil Open Top Valve Side Gusset Seal in Storage Bags from Home Garden
1 Pound Coffee Dried Fruit Goods Meat Grains Storage Bag 500g Air Stand Heat Back Four Side Foil Open Top Valve Side Gusset Seal in Storage Bags from Home Garden

Product Specification

Brand Name: PICIDAE

Classification: Vaccum Compressed Bag

Type: Storage Bags

Use: sealed storage, food packaging,keep fresh,gift bag

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Feature: Folding

Pattern: Flat Type

Specification: three-dimensional bag Fresh-keeping bag self-supporting upright

Thickness: standing bag double-sided thickness 30 silk

Material: BOPP / VMPE / PE three-layer composite

Product: Multifunctional film packaging bag Stand up bag

Applicable Space: Living Room

Capacity: 500g food grade material heat sealing bag standing bag Air valve bag

Model Number: heat-sealed open top side mouth aluminum foilair valve organ bag

Shape: Square

Form: Rolling Type

Name: Heat-sealed open top side buckle Stand-up aluminum foil valve bag

Size: 100x340x60mm Double-sided 30 wire

Uses: Food packaging, keep it fresh. Sealed to save, gift bag.

Scope of application: Food,gift,decorations,clothe,cosmetic, jewelry,chemicals,electronic

Applicable products: Sugar,Cookie,nacks,Dried fruit,tea,coffee beans,grain,Casual foods

Suitable products: Gift,toys,clothing,decorations,cosmetic, chemical,electronic

Product features: Self-standing flat bottom, easy to tear

Product Advantages: Thick, firm, upright, safe and ecologically beautiful

Product performance: Good heat sealing,excellent sealing and large capacity

Product efficacy: waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew proof, toughness, keep fresh.

built-in one-way air valve: Remove carbon dioxide and block air. Prevent bulging, cracking.

Sale Method: Wholesale and Retail

Price: Multi-position price, buy more and more favorable.

Customization: Can be customized. Private custom

Color: black, white, yellow, gold, silve,blue,red



Name: 500g vertical heat seal open top side buckle self-supporting aluminum foil air valve organ bag
Capacity: Coffee beans can hold 500g grams
Specification: 100x340x60mm
Material: BOPP/PET/PE
Thickness: double-sided thickness 30 wire
Printing: public or private
Color: black, white, yellow, gold, silver, red, etc.
Process: with one-way exhaust valve. The carbon dioxide produced in the storage of the coffee beans can be excluded, and the tissue air enters the bag.
Scope of use: Except for items with sharp edges and corners d.
Applicable products: rice, noodles, beans, nuts, preserves, tea, coffee beans, candy, powder, snacks, beef jerky, casual food and other foods. cosmetic, jewelry, jewelry, small toys, decorations and other supplies. Small clothing such as clothing, scarves, and masks. Beauty capsules, medicines, herbs, etc. electronic product, electronic components, chemical products and other products.
Uses: grains, nuts. Food packaging such as candy, sealed food, gift bag.
Features: Has good sealing. Easy to tear. Aluminum foil is strong and resistant to abrasion. Widen the thicker bottom and make it stronger. straight ,Beautiful.
Performance; good sealing, high barrier, ultra-low oxygen permeability. Moisture proof, radiation and corrosion are mechanical. The sightseeing is bright and practical, tasteless and ecological.
Organ bag. Monochrome printing requires a 500pcs bag.
Color printing requires 10,000 pcs bags.
04 09

01010102product details

1 U type easy to tear mouth, careful craftsmanship, well-designed, perfect cutting, easy to tear and convenient.

2 The side of the bag is widened, the capacity is larger, and the stand is straighter and more beautiful.

3The bottom is designed in a self-supporting manner, flat bottom, thickened at the bottom, wide capacity, safe and firm. The product fits in and out. Convenient display, more upscale.

4 A single exhaust valve is installed inside. It can eliminate the carbon dioxide generated in the storage of coffee beans, prevent air from entering the bag, and prevent bulging and cracking. Preserve the fresh aroma of coffee beans.

01035 multi-layer composite technology, food grade material. The PE film material is included to ensure the freshness of the food. Moisture proof and pollution prevention. Use more assured.


6 need high-power sealing machine sealing

This product needs to be sealed with a sealer. Due to the thick thickness of the bag, a high-power sealing machine is required, and the ordinary power sealing machine may not seal 777About customization process

1 Provide print information
2 Report prices
3 design renderings
4 order purchase
5 Production
6 delivery



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